You can take our online courses from anywhere with a high-speed Internet connection. You can ask questions, talk or chat with the instructor, even share your screen as part of these interactive classes.

Below is the list of courses offered entirely online for undergraduate and graduate students. The courses are taught in English, Malayalam, Tamil or Hindi

Javascript(JS) Courses

javascript serverside technologies/Frameworks

There's no debate that JavaScript is the most widely used language client-side on the Web. We are using JavaScript for everything, from form validations to full Ajax applications.

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Cloud Computing Courses

Cloud Computing

Since its inception, no other area of Information Technology has generated as much hype and interest as cloud computing. Cloud computing services are not limited to very large corporations and enterprises. An estimated 65 percent of small to medium-sized businesses also use cloud-based applications.

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Java Courses

java course in paravoor

Mastering Java at AXL is an 100 hours training program with hundred percent practical orientation. It gives you a good understanding of the OOP concepts and object orientation in programming.

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