C++ Programming Course - Beginner to Advanced

C++ is a general-purpose, high-level, object-oriented programming language.It is a compiled language, meaning that the code is converted into machine code before it is executed. This makes C++ programs fast and efficient. It can be used to create a wide variety of applications, including operating systems, games, and high-performance software.
  • Programmers wanting to write efficient code
  • Computer Science students having Data Structures as part of their curriculum
  • Non Computer science students wanting to enter IT industry
  • Understanding object oriented programming and gain knowledge about the capability to store information together in an object.

1. Introduction

Learning Objective:This module will introduce you to its building blocks and the various fundamental concepts of C++.

  • Introduction
  • How C++ differs from C

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2. Language Features

Learning Objective:In this training course module, you will get a brief idea on Tableau UI components and various ways to establish data connection.

  • Variables Declaration
  • Function overloading
  • Optional Parameters
  • Reference Variables
  • Operator overloading
  • Basics of Console Input and Output
  • Constant Pointers
  • Dynamic Memory Allocation

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3. OOPs Concepts

Learning Objective:In this course module, you will understand the importance of Visual Analytics and explore the various charts, features and techniques used for Visualization.

  • Overview of OOPs Principles
  • Introduction to classes & objects
  • Creation & destruction of objects
  • Data Members
  • Member Functions
  • this Pointer
  • Constructor &Destructor
  • Static class member
  • Friend class and functions
  • Namespace

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4. Inheritance

Learning Objective:In this Tableau online course module, you will understand basic calculations such as Numeric, String Manipulation, Date Function, Logical and Aggregate. You will also get introduced to Table Calculations and Level Of Detail (LOD) expressions.

  • Introduction and benefits.
  • Access Specifier.
  • Base and Derived class Constructors
  • Types of Inheritance.
  • Down casting and up casting.
  • Function overriding.
  • Virtual functions.

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5. Polymorphism

Learning Objective: In this Tableau online training module, you will deep dive into Visual Analytics in a more granular manner. It covers various advanced techniques for analysing data that includes Forecasting, Trend Lines, Reference Lines, Clustering, and Parameterized concepts.

  • What is Polymorphism
  • Pure virtual functions
  • Virtual Base Class

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6. I/O Streams

Learning Objective:In this course module, you will deep dive into advanced analytical scenarios, using Level Of Detail expressions.

  • C++ Class Hierarchy
  • File Stream
  • Text File Handling
  • Binary File Handling
  • Error handling during file operations
  • Overloading << and >> operators

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7. Exception Handling

Learning Objective: In this training module, you will gain an understanding of Geographic Visualizations in Tableau.

  • Introduction to Exception.
  • Advantages of Exception handling.
  • Try and catch block.
  • Throw statement.
  • Pre-defined exceptions in C++.
  • Writing custom Exception class.
  • Stack Unwinding

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8. Templates

Learning Objective: In this Tableau course online module, you will learn to plot various advanced charts in Tableau Desktop.

  • Introduction
  • Function Templates
  • Class Templates

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