React Js & Redux

React Library Programming Course Ernakulam Cochin

React is declarative and flexible front-end Javascript library developed by Facebook. Use Redux to manage your data and connect your application to Firebase database. By the end of the course, you will build powerful application with React, Redux and Firebase

ReactJS Training Syllabus

  • ReactJS basics
  • App Setup
  • Component Architecture
  • JSX
  • Styling with JSX
  • Class vs ClassName
  • JSX Interpolation
  • Functional Components
  • Component Nesting
  • State Management
  • State Updation
  • Props
  • Lifecycle Methods
  • Component State Navigation
  • Browser-Router
  • Link
  • Redux Store
  • Reducer
  • Actions
  • Firebase Overview
  • Firebase Setup
  • Updating Database
  • Making API Requests with React
  • Axios vs Fetch
  • Handling Requests with Async Await
  • Binding Callbacks
  • Accessing the DOM with Refs

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