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React Native training Ernakulam Kerala
The Node.js platform allows you to develop server-side applications with JavaScript that you can then easily publish as websites with the Express framework. If you're looking for a project-based Node.js course, this course is for you. In this course, you'll learn the entire process of creating a website on a server with Node.js and Express.js. No prior experience required. Learn A-Z. Become a pro.
  • Individuals looking to establish their credibility and value in the market as experienced React Native Practitioners
  • System Administrators
  • Cloud Professionals
  • Solutions Architects
  • Infrastructure Architects
  • Site Reliability Engineers
  • Technical Leads
  • Software Engineers
  • Freshers
The React Native training course aims on creating a strong React Native base by providing you an intensified training for the best practices about Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, Configuration Management, including Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment and finally Continuous Monitoring of the software throughout its development life cycle. This course will cover various React Native tools including Git, Jenkins, Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, Prometheus and Grafana, and Terraform. This training course is designed keeping in mind the latest trends in the industry.

1. Introduction to React Native

Learning Objective:Learn how React Native and Expo are used to make mobile applications

  • Uses of React Native
  • Native Components
  • React Native and Expo
  • JS and UI Threads
  • Core vs. Native Components
  • Entry Point
  • Packages
  • Expo SDK
  • Expo CLI
  • Expo Go
  • Expo Snack
  • Benefits and Drawbacks Native Code

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2. Core Components

Learning Objective:Learn the basic building blocks of React Native apps: core components

  • Core Components
  • Importing Core Components
  • Core Components Optional Functionality
  • Component
  • Component
  • Component
  • Component
  • Component
  • Business-Logic Focused Components
  • Custom Components

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3. Styling Components

Learning Objective:Learn the fundamentals of styling in React Native, including Stylesheets and Flex Box

  • StyleSheet
  • style Property
  • Using StyleSheet Definitions
  • Dynamic Styling
  • Flex in React Native
  • flexDirection
  • justifyContent
  • Dimensions in React Native

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4. Navigation

Learning Objective:Learn about information hierarchy and how to implement it with native navigators.

  • Stack Navigation
  • Tab Navigation
  • Drawer Navigation
  • NavigationContainer Component
  • createStackNavigator Factory Method
  • createBottomTabNavigator Factory Method
  • useNavigation Hook
  • Factory Methods

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5. Configuration Management Using Ansible

Learning Objective:Learn how to manage and configure your infrastructure using Ansible Ad-Hoc commands, Playbooks, and Roles.

  • Introduction to Configuration Management
  • Infrastucture as Code
  • Introduction to Ansible
  • Ansible Architecture
  • Inventory Management
  • Ansible Modules
  • AD-HOC Commands
  • Ansible Playbooks
  • Ansible Roles

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6. Containerization using Docker

Learning Objective:In this module, you will learn how to write your application using ES6. Also, you will learn how to Design Dashboard and perform CRUD operations.

  • Containerization
  • Namespaces
  • Docker
  • Docker Architecture
  • Container Lifecycle
  • Docker CLI
  • Port Binding
  • Detached and Foreground Mode
  • Dockerfile
  • Dockerfile Instructions
  • Docker Image
  • Setting up Docker Hub
  • Docker Volumes
  • Installing Docker Compose
  • Installing a Multi-Container Application using Compose
  • Running Docker in Swarm Mode

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7. Orchestration using Kubernetes

Learning Objective:In this module, you will learn how to secure your application by implementing API Authentication and User authentication using JSON Web Tokens (JWT).

  • Introduction to Container Orchestration
  • Kubernetes Core Concepts
  • Understanding Pods
  • ReplicaSet and Replication Controller
  • Deployments
  • DaemonSets
  • Rolling Updates and Rollbacks
  • Scaling Application
  • Deploying Services
  • Persistent Volumes and Persistent Volume Claims
  • StatefulSets
  • ConfigMaps and Secrets
  • Helm Charts

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8. Monitoring using Prometheus and Grafana

Learning Objective:In this module, you will learn how Build Realtime Chat Application using Socket.IO.

  • Introduction to Prometheus and Grafana
  • Prometheus and Grafana Setup
  • Monitoring using Prometheus
  • Dashboard Visualization using Grafana
  • Creating a Dashboard to monitor the Pipeline

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9. Provisioning using Terraform

Learning Objective:Learn how to provision and manage infrastructure on a Cloud Platform (AWS) using Terraform Configuration Files.

  • Introduction to Terraform
  • Terraform vs Ansible
  • Terraform Architecture
  • Terraform Configuration
  • Terraform Common Commands
  • Managing Terraform Resources
  • Terraform State
  • Terraform Project

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