React Native Application Development

Hybrid Mobile

The release of ES6 made Javascript intimidating, especially to those who haven’t used it before. React is a technology created and used by Facebook to build applications. React Native just targets native platforms. AXL Academy brings you the opportunity to master React Native and embark on a career that will be the demand of the future.


  • ES6/ES7 features
    • ES6/ES7 basics
    • Import / export syntax
    • Fat arrow functions
  • Native Components
    • View
    • Text
    • TextInput
    • Image
    • TouchableHighlight
    • ListView
    • Navigator
    • GestureResponder and PanResponder
  • Navigation
  • Lists
  • Cross Platform APIs
  • iOS specific APIs
  • Android specific APIs
  • Persistence
  • Animations
  • Working with HTTP and network requests