Zend Framework Training

The Zend Framework Certification is an industry-wide standard that recognizes the attainment of a professional level of expertise in using Zend Framework . Upon completing AXL's Zend Framework training, PHP developers will be equipped to best utilize the Zend Framework, to create robust web applications.

Course Description

This course will teach you the essentials of Laravel in order to provide you with a solid understanding of its most important components. A basic knowledge of PHP programming is required for this course.


  • Introduction
  • Installing Laravel
  • Laravel 4 MVC
  • Laravel 4 routing
  • Installing Composer and command line tool
  • Blade essentials
  • Resource controllers
  • Laravel 4 Route groups and Filters
  • Working with database
  • Eloquent CRUD
  • Laravel 4 query builder
  • Eloquent relations
  • Laravel 4 Migrations
  • Laravel 4 Database seeding
  • Forms and validations
  • Setting up laravel form
  • Validating a form
  • Creating Admin Post Resource
  • Creating a front end
  • Setting up the blog
  • Securing the admin panel
  • Handling Routing
  • Establishing an HTML view
  • Creating tables with schema Builder
  • Enabling version control with migrations
  • Querying with eloquent ORM
  • Displaying Laravel code
  • Working with Blade templating
  • Defining conditions
  • Integrating form elements
  • Setting up authentication
  • Creating a registration form
  • Securing content
  • Testing Laravel code
  • Setting up PHPUnit
  • Running initial test
  • Handling framework assertions
  • Building a Laravel application
  • Authenticating users in laravel application
  • Deploying Laravel code in application